Server Currency

Can’t tell tokens from zeny? Don’t know which is good for what?
Learn all about the different types of currency in Oracle Gaming and what each is used for.
And most importantly, how to get them!

Server Currency

What is Our Currency in Oracle Gaming?

Oracle Tokens and Zeny are the primary currency of Oracle Gaming and are used by players to buy and sell items. You can donate for them, obtain them from winning events, or by selling items/cards to players. You can also use tokens in the Oracle Token Machine at Prontera Side of Main Office.

MVP Token obtained from MVP Boss in there respective Maps.

What is zeny used for then?

Zeny is useful for things like broadcasting, quests, and purchasing some item requirements from player vend and many more.

How do I make zeny here?

Try farming and selling Lucius’ Fierce Armor of Volcano (item ID: 2344) dropped from Firerings in for_fild01, or Stones of Sage (item ID: 12040) in tha_t07. and more Loots sell using your Merchant.