Getting Started

Starting out on Oracle Ragnarok Online is simple and painless.
You’ll find answers to any questions you may have when you first join in this section.

Getting Started

Welcome to Oracle Ragnarok Online!

The basic things you need to know are: our rates are 10x/10x/10x for Low-Rate and 250x250x50x for Mid-Rate and our Episode is 13.2 Pre-Renewal. The max stat is 99, max ASPD is 190, and instant cast is 150.

How do I join?

To create an in-game account, please register via the control panel.
Our forum accounts are separate from the game, so you will also need to create a forum account.

Where do I download the game?

A variety of download options are available to make installing
the game as convenient and easy as possible for you.
Make sure to check our installation guide! If you experience any troubles,
consult our detailed troubleshooting guide or ask us on the forums.

Help, I’m lost! Where is everything?

You start out in our Novice Ground. Our main town is Prontera City,
and is home to lots of super useful NPCs. To go there, just type @go 0.
One of the most popular hangout spots for PvPing is in Izlude and Morocc warp in PVP Warper,
which is in Mid Right Prontera Center. (We recommend you are geared before venturing here though!)

Do I get any Freebies?

Yes, you do! Just Type @freebies and Claim it on RODEX Manager NPC.
You can locate the RODEX Manager NPC in Novice Ground also and in Main Office
You’ll receive a Good starting item's for Battle in PvP and PvM.


Both Server Freebies
10x Bubble Gum
10x Field Manual
10x Life Insurance
10x Token of Siegried
10x Recruit Siege Supply Box
10x Kafra Card
1x Academy Freshman Hat