Guild Packs

Now your guild can join and start competing from day 1.
Our generous guild pack includes the best donation items and you can keep them for a month.
Yeah, you read that right — free rental donation items for everyone in your guild!

Guild Package

When a guild of at least 4 new players come (or former players who are returning) to Oracle Gaming, you qualify for a guild package!


Guilds consist of at least 4 players who were in a guild together on another server,
or a group of new players who form a guild shortly after joining.
Each player applying must be a unique individual.
The guild must be maximum level of guild skills.
A guild and each individual may only apply for this package once.

How It Works

Once your guild is approved, a senior GM or administrator will give each member a
Guild Rental Token which you give to the Renter NPC in the Main Office of Prontera City.

All rental items only last for a month.
. They’re temporary while you start out and give you time to gear up and the armor is account Bound.

. To file for approval, Post a Guild Application Form on Forum Guild with the following information below.

Guild Name:
Total Members: XX

1. Guild Leader: In game name of Leader
2. In game name of Member
3. In game name of Member
4. so forth and so on..

Each member will receive:

350x Guild Pack Badge (You can buy this badge on Guild Shop on Prontera Guild Assistant NPC)
1x Ancient Horns[RMS ID: 18595]
1x Gangster Scarf [RMS ID: 5361]
1x Marc Card
1x Thara Frog Card
1x Raydric Card
1x Matyr Card
2x Zerom Card
2x Glove[1]
1x Buckler[1]
100x Elite Supply Box