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Leveling Guide

Where are the best places to level?

You’ll start your adventure in our Staring Point at Training Ground! Kill some adorable poring mobs until you’re job level 10 and base level 25. Don’t forget to get your Daily Supply in Prontera when you change your Job.

Once you’re job level 10 and base level 25, go to Prontera City and talk to the Job Master Located at the Warp Save Point.

Base level 25-50 (1st job): Skeletons, Zombies, Poporings, Familiars at Dungeon > Payon Dungeon > Payon Dun 1
Base level 1-50 (2nd job): Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Archers & Eggyras at Dungeon > Payon Dungeon > Payon Dun 2
Base level 50-70 Increased Soil, Mantis, Bigfoots, and Caramels at Field > Louyang Field > Louyang Field 01
Base level 70-80 Anolian at Dungeon > Glast Heim >Culvert 4
Base level 90-99 Wanderer, Rideword, Raydric, Raydric Archer at Dungeon > Glast Heim >Castle 01 or 02

Where is the Job Changer?

You can find the Job Master in the middle of Pronetera.

What is the max level?

The max level here is 99 base and 70 job.

How can I reset my skills?

You can reset your skills at any time for 500,000z at the Reset Girl! Find her at the middle of Prontera Besides of Job Master.

What is the max stat?

The max stat is 99.